Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park with Free Events

Cinco de Mayo weekend is fast approaching, and Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is gearing up for an exciting celebration. The park is known for its rich history and cultural significance, making it the perfect place to honor the holiday. This year’s celebration promises to be extra special, with a range of exciting events taking place throughout the weekend.

One of the highlights of the weekend will be the El Centro Artesano’s live pottery display, which takes place every Sunday from 11am to 4pm. This unique and exciting experience offers visitors the chance to witness the art of pottery-making firsthand. They can observe skilled artisans as they use various techniques to create beautiful pieces of pottery. The artisans are happy to answer any questions and share their knowledge about the process, making this an educational and enriching experience for all ages.

In addition to the live pottery display, visitors to Old Town San Diego State Historic Park can also witness the intricate process of candle-making at Toby’s Candle & Soap Shop. Every Friday starting at 11am, skilled artisans dip and carve candles by hand, using techniques that have been passed down through generations. This is a fantastic opportunity to watch as beeswax sheets are transformed into vibrant, beautiful candles of all shapes and sizes.

The celebration of Cinco de Mayo in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is not just limited to pottery and candle-making demonstrations. There are also numerous other activities taking place throughout the weekend, including live music performances, cultural dances, and traditional Mexican cuisine.

Visitors can also explore the many historic buildings and landmarks throughout the park, including La Casa de Estudillo, which was built during 1827-1829 and is one of the finest examples of a large Mexican adobe townhouse in the United States. The park also features a range of museums and exhibits that showcase the history and culture of the region.

The Cinco de Mayo weekend in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park promises to be an exciting and enriching experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re interested in learning about the art of pottery-making or simply soaking up the cultural festivities, there is something for everyone at this historic and vibrant park. So come on down, celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and experience the rich history and culture of San Diego!

Hours – Daily, 10am – 5pm

Phone – (619) 220-5422

Address – 4098 Mason St, San Diego, CA 92110

Website www.parks.ca.gov/oldtownsandiego