Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I become a member?
    Current boundaries of the Old Town BID are West side of Pacific Highway on the West, North Side of Taylor Street on the North, Presidio Park on the East and Pringle Street on the South.
  • What are the benefits of membership in the Old Town BID?
    • A unified voice at City Hall
    • Networking opportunities with local, state and nationally elected officials
    • The ability to organize groups and committees to market the business district and undertake various improvement projects
    • Access to resources to conduct special events
    • Support and information
  • What types of services and projects does the Old Town BID provide?
    • Additional street cleaning
    • Neighborhood tree plantings
    • Marketing of events
    • Neighborhood enhancements
  • Do I have to pay dues?
    Your business is auomatically assessed a BID fee which is included in your annual business liscense with the City.  The funds are earmarked to speciffically benefit Old Town.
  • Benefits of a BID
    • A BID unifies all businesses to work toward a common goal, that often economically revitalize Business District.
    • A BID mitigates retail sales leakage by allowing the area to compete more effectively for regional market share through the generation of greater local marketing resources and strengths.
    • A BID supports businesses in the area through commercial recruitment, retention and promotion as well as through the sponsorship of “shop at home” and downtown image-building campaigns.
    • A BID creates a strong unified voice to represent business interests to local government agencies.
    • A BID funds other projects such as clean-up programs, decorations, parks and special events.
    • A BID assists in leveraging public and private resources for program activities, development projects and other commercial revitalization efforts.
  • Traditional BID Programs
    (Listed In Order of Most Commonly Implemented)

    • Commercial Marketing Programs:
    • Establishment of a permanent Commercial Marketing Committee.
    • Development and implementation of a commercial marketing strategy and image building theme.
    • Development of a “shop locally” campaign as a means of offsetting existing retail sales leakage.
    • Development of a coordinated annual program of retail-oriented promotions, events and activities.
    • Development of an annual program of special events and activities.
    • Publication of a “Directory of Downtown Goods and Services.”
    • Stimulation of tourism activity.
  • Civic Beautification Programs And Projects:
    (Physical image-building)

    • Streetscape improvement projects such as street furniture and street trees, tree grates.
    • Development of a program of visual amenities such as flags, banners, seasonal decorations, etc.
    • Establishment of a public arts program.
    • Development of improved, more aesthetic, public-private signage.
    • Development of entranceway monumentation, signage, arches and decorations.
  • Commercial Recruitment and Retention Programs:
    (Filling commercial vacancies with the most desirable new businesses)

    • Carry out surveys to determine most desired new businesses to fill existing vacancies or vacancies as they occur.
    • Encourage successful existing businesses to re-locate and/or expand into stronger locations within project area.
    • Attempt to strengthen desired existing businesses that may be weak or failing.
    • Attempt to discourage “hobby businesses” or “functional vacancies “that weaken the project area’s vitality.
  • BID Programs Administration:
    (Providing a support system for BID programs)

    • Hire part-time or full-time BID Programs Administrator.
    • Set up an organizational office, if possible.
  • Parking Improvements:
    • Expansion and beautification of existing parking.
    • Work to improve public knowledge of existing parking through sponsorship of maps and signage.
    • Provide an organized lobbying force to work for public parking improvements