Commemorating Courage: Flag Day at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site

On Saturday, June 15, 2024, the Mormon Battalion Historic Site hosted a poignant Flag Day Celebration under the theme of “Honoring the Legacy of Sacrifice”. The event, which drew a diverse crowd of attendees from across San Diego, featured a stirring selection of music performed by the Marine Band San Diego, setting a patriotic tone for the day.

The highlight of the ceremony was the recognition of four distinguished veterans whose service and dedication to their country exemplify the highest ideals of sacrifice and duty. SGT Timothy Allen Woodruff of the US Army, MCPO Ray Flores, US Navy, Retired, MSG Carlos Inot, US Army, Retired, and LTC Susan D. Simpson Inot, US Army, Retired, were honored with a special medal and pin, commemorating their contributions to the nation.

Becky Davies, SDCC Communication Director, delivered heartfelt remarks, emphasizing the importance of honoring veterans and their families for their service and sacrifices. The ceremony underscored the enduring values of patriotism and unity that are deeply ingrained in the Mormon Battalion’s history.

Each honoree was inducted as an honorary member of the Mormon Battalion, a gesture symbolizing the enduring gratitude and respect from the community. The event not only celebrated Flag Day but also served as a reminder of the ongoing commitment to recognize and support our veterans.

As the ceremony concluded, attendees reflected on the profound significance of the day’s events and the lasting impact of those who have served their country selflessly. The Flag Day Celebration at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site stood as a testament to the spirit of service and sacrifice that continues to inspire and unite us all.