Where to Watch SDSU in the National Championship in Old Town

Old Town San Diego is a great place to catch the NCAA Basketball National Championship, with a variety of fantastic sports bars and lounges offering up the ultimate viewing experience. From casual hangouts to upscale cigar lounges, Old Town has something to suit every taste and budget. Here are five of the best places to catch San Diego State University compete in Old Town:

Home & Away: This is a classic sports bar with a lively atmosphere and plenty of TVs to catch all the action. With its relaxed vibe, great food and drinks, and friendly staff, Home & Away is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the big game with friends. 2222 San Diego Ave. homeandawaysd.com

Café Coyote: This lively Mexican restaurant is known for its delicious food, cold drinks, and festive atmosphere. With plenty of TVs and a lively crowd, Café Coyote is a great place to enjoy the National Championship game, Mexican style. 2461 San Diego Ave. cafecoyoteoldtown.com

Casa de Freds: This classic Mexican restaurant is a staple of Old Town San Diego and offers up a unique and authentic viewing experience. With its traditional Mexican decor, delicious food, and lively bar, Casa de Freds is the perfect place to cheer on your team while experiencing a bit of Old Town’s rich history. 2470 San Diego Ave. fredsoldtown.com

Churchill Cigar Lounge: For those who prefer a more upscale and sophisticated atmosphere, Churchill Cigar Lounge is the perfect choice. With its comfortable lounge chairs, premium cigars, and top-notch cocktails, Churchill is the ideal place to catch the game and enjoy a bit of luxury. 2415 San Diego Ave. churchillcigarlounge.com

Old Town Saloon: This historic bar and restaurant is one of the oldest in San Diego and is known for its classic Western atmosphere and great drinks. With its large TVs, pool tables, and lively crowd, Old Town Saloon is the perfect place to enjoy the National Championship in classic Wild West style. 2495 San Diego Ave.

No matter which venue you choose, you’re sure to have a great time catching the NCAA National Championship in Old Town San Diego. So grab your friends, grab a drink, and get ready to cheer on SDSU!