Top 5 Spots to Watch the Women’s World Cup in Old Town

Old Town San Diego is a vibrant and historic neighborhood that offers a fantastic atmosphere for watching sporting events. With the Women’s World Cup taking center stage, fans can come together to support their favorite teams and enjoy the thrill of the game. If you’re looking for the best spots to catch the action in Old Town San Diego, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top five spots to watch the Women’s World Cup.

Home & Away

Home & Away is a popular sports bar that caters to soccer enthusiasts. With multiple large screens and a lively ambiance, this spot ensures an immersive viewing experience. You can cheer on your favorite team while savoring a wide range of craft beers and delicious pub grub. The friendly staff and energetic crowd make Home & Away a go-to destination for soccer fans. 2222 San Diego Ave.

Casa de Freds

Casa de Freds is a cozy Mexican restaurant known for its warm hospitality and authentic cuisine. With a comfortable indoor setting and an outdoor patio, Freds provides an inviting space to enjoy the Women’s World Cup matches. You can indulge in mouthwatering tacos, enchiladas, and refreshing margaritas while soaking up the exciting atmosphere and cheering on your team. Bring your furry friends, too! Freds has the only dog-friendly patio in Old Town! 2470 San Diego Ave.

Churchill Cigar Lounge

For those who appreciate a more relaxed and refined setting, Churchill Cigar Lounge offers a unique experience to watch the games. This upscale lounge provides comfortable seating, a vast selection of premium cigars, and a variety of beer and wine to enhance your viewing pleasure. Sit back, enjoy a smooth smoke, and revel in the thrilling moments of the Women’s World Cup in a sophisticated environment. 2415 San Diego Ave.

Cafe Coyote

Cafe Coyote is a beloved Mexican restaurant with a festive ambiance and a vibrant outdoor patio. With multiple bars and a lively crowd, this spot is perfect for soaking up the atmosphere of the Women’s World Cup. Indulge in delicious Mexican dishes like sizzling fajitas, flavorful guacamole, and refreshing margaritas while you root for your team. The lively energy of Cafe Coyote will make every match feel like a celebration. 2461 San Diego Ave.

Old Town Saloon

Old Town Saloon is a popular gathering spot with a laid-back atmosphere and a history rooted in Old Town’s traditions. Known for its friendly service and extensive selection of drinks, it’s an excellent place to catch the Women’s World Cup. With multiple screens and a welcoming vibe, you can enjoy the matches while sipping on your favorite beverages and cheering alongside fellow fans. 2495 San Diego Ave.

Old Town San Diego offers a range of exciting venues to watch the Women’s World Cup. Whether you prefer a lively sports bar, a cozy restaurant, or an upscale cigar lounge, there’s a spot for every fan. From Home & Away’s energetic atmosphere to Casa de Freds’ authentic cuisine, Churchill Cigar Lounge’s sophistication, Cafe Coyote’s festive vibes, and Old Town Saloon’s laid-back charm, each venue adds its unique flavor to the World Cup experience. So grab your friends, choose your favorite spot, and get ready to cheer for your team as the world’s best female soccer players compete for glory.