South American Imports: Unveiling the Mystical World of Precious Stones and Crystals

Tucked away in the Old Town Esplanade, South American Imports has been a captivating destination since 1980. With a rich history and an extensive collection of rocks, crystals, jewelry, and handicrafts, this beloved establishment offers a mesmerizing experience for visitors seeking unique treasures. Renowned for its affordable prices and unparalleled variety, South American Imports stands as a beacon for those captivated by the metaphysical realm. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of South American Imports and its vast assortment of tumbled stones, each accompanied by cards that unravel their metaphysical meanings.

Old Town San Diego’s charm is further embellished by the presence of South American Imports. Located amidst the vibrant streets and historic structures, this cherished business has become a beloved landmark for both locals and tourists alike. With its doors open for over four decades, South American Imports continues to captivate visitors with its rich assortment of mystical treasures.

South American Imports takes pride in offering an extensive range of rocks, crystals, jewelry, and handicrafts sourced from South America and beyond. From the captivating sparkle of quartz crystals to the serene beauty of amethyst geodes, each item tells a unique story and holds its own metaphysical energy. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, aesthetic beauty, or a thoughtful gift, South American Imports is sure to have a treasure that resonates with your desires.

In a world where precious stones and crystals can often come with hefty price tags, South American Imports breaks the mold by providing a diverse collection of treasures at affordable prices. This commitment to accessibility ensures that customers can embark on their metaphysical journey without stretching their budgets. By making these captivating items attainable, South American Imports invites individuals from all walks of life to embrace the power and beauty of crystals and stones.

One of South American Imports’ unique features lies in their vast collection of tumbled stones, boasting over 70 different types. Each of these stones is accompanied by an informative card that unravels its metaphysical meanings and properties. Whether you’re drawn to the calming energy of rose quartz, the grounding properties of black tourmaline, or the creative inspiration of citrine, these cards provide a gateway to deeper understanding and connection with the stones.

In addition to their remarkable assortment of rocks and crystals, South American Imports also showcases an array of handcrafted jewelry and handicrafts. These pieces reflect the rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship of South America, serving as a testament to the traditions passed down through generations. From intricately woven textiles to vibrant ceramics, each item holds the essence of its cultural origins, offering a glimpse into the diverse artistic traditions of the region.

South American Imports stands as an enduring testament to the allure of rocks, crystals, jewelry, and handicrafts. From their humble beginnings in 1980, they have become an iconic presence in Old Town San Diego, drawing visitors with their extensive variety and affordable prices. As customers explore the fascinating collection, they embark on a journey that transcends time and space, connecting with the metaphysical realm and the cultural heritage of South America. Step into South American Imports and let the mystic energy of their treasures guide you on an unforgettable voyage of discovery.


  • Sun-Thu: 11am-7pm
  • Fri-Sat:  11am-8pm

Phone – (619) 299-3877

Address – 2461 San Diego Ave #104, San Diego, CA 92110