Savage Bee-Ches: A Buzzworthy Haven for Raw Honey and Ultralight Hiking Gear

New to Old Town San Diego, a vibrant and historical neighborhood known for its rich heritage, lies a unique specialty store that has captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike – Savage Bee-Ches. This one-of-a-kind business has created quite a buzz with its focus on two distinct passions: raw local honey and ultralight hiking and camping gear. Combining nature’s bounty with a sense of adventure, Savage Bee-Ches has become a haven for nature enthusiasts, food connoisseurs, and outdoor adventurers alike.

Step inside Savage Bee-Ches, and you’ll be greeted by the irresistible aroma of pure, unfiltered honey. Their honey collection is an ode to the natural splendor of the region, offering a wide array of raw local honey sourced from the diverse landscapes of Southern California. From the coastal wildflowers to the desert blooms and everything in between, each variety boasts a unique flavor profile, reflecting the essence of the local flora.

But it doesn’t end there – Savage Bee-Ches takes their dedication to honey to the next level by sourcing unique honey varieties from across the country. Their selection spans the nation, providing customers with a honey-tasting experience unlike any other.

Beyond the realm of honey, Savage Bee-Ches is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts looking to lighten their loads and enhance their camping and hiking experiences. The store is a treasure trove of ultralight gear, catering to backpackers, thru-hikers, and outdoor adventurers seeking high-performance equipment that doesn’t weigh them down.

Their curated collection of ultralight gear includes state-of-the-art tents, lightweight backpacks, compact sleeping bags, portable cooking systems, and eco-friendly hydration solutions. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation by experienced outdoor enthusiasts to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

The knowledgeable and passionate staff at Savage Bee-Ches go above and beyond to assist customers in selecting the perfect gear for their specific needs, offering personalized recommendations and expert insights. Whether it’s a multi-day backcountry trek or a weekend camping trip, adventurers can trust Savage Bee-Ches to equip them with the tools they need to embrace the wilderness with confidence.

Savage Bee-Ches takes its role in the community seriously. Their parent company O’Shun’s Orchard began as a project to clean up 80 acres in the high desert of San Diego County with intent to promote sustainable eco-tourism in the area. They soon expanded to include several hives, Montezuma Valley Market, projects, and many other products and services to support the local and outdoors community. Today the project consists of 130 acres of beautiful desert wilderness.

Savage Bee-Ches is much more than just a specialty store; it’s a destination that celebrates the wonders of nature and embraces the spirit of adventure. From the delectable world of raw local honey to the cutting-edge ultralight hiking gear, this unique business in Old Town San Diego has cultivated a community of outdoor enthusiasts and food aficionados, all coming together to experience the joy of nature and the thrill of exploration.

So, whether you’re a honey enthusiast seeking new flavors or an outdoor adventurer looking to gear up for your next escapade, Savage Bee-Ches promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you buzzing with excitement.


  • Thu-Tue: 12pm-5pm
  • Wed: Closed

Phone – (619) 693-7536

Address – 2802 Juan St, Suite 19, San Diego, CA 92110