Old Town Roasted Nuts

Old Town Roasted Nuts is a popular shop located in the heart of Old Town San Diego. The shop offers a wide range of freshly-roasted nuts and seeds, including almonds, cashews, and pistachios. The nuts are roasted to perfection, giving them a delicious and crunchy texture that is sure to satisfy any snack craving.


  • Mon-Thu: 11am-8pm
  • Fri: 11am-9pm
  • Sat-Sun:  10am-9pm

Phone – (619) 922-3582

Address – 2754 Calhoun St, San Diego, CA 92110


In addition to its tasty selection of nuts, Old Town Roasted Nuts also offers a variety of other snacks and treats. The shop has a selection of dried fruits, as well as honey and other sweet treats. The shop also offers gift tins and boxes, making it a great place to pick up a tasty and unique gift. Overall, Old Town Roasted Nuts is a great place to stop by and grab a tasty snack while exploring Old Town San Diego.