Live Dipping and Carving at Toby’s Candles

Toby’s Candle & Soap Shop, located in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, is a unique and charming destination that offers visitors the opportunity to experience the traditional art of candle making through live demonstrations of candle dipping and carving. The shop, which has been in operation for over 40 years, is a true gem in the heart of one of California’s most historic and culturally rich neighborhoods.

Every Friday, starting at 11am, Toby’s invites visitors to watch as skilled artisans dip and carve candles by hand, using techniques that have been passed down through generations. This is an opportunity to witness the intricate process of candle making firsthand, as the artisans skillfully transform simple beeswax sheets into beautiful, vibrant candles of all shapes and sizes.

The live demonstrations provide a unique and interactive experience that both adults and children will enjoy. Visitors can ask questions and learn about the different types of wax used in candle making, the various colors and scents available, and the different shapes and sizes that can be achieved through the dipping and carving process. This is an opportunity to engage with the history and tradition of candle making in a hands-on way, while also supporting a small, family-owned business that has been a fixture in the Old Town community for decades.

In addition to the live demonstrations, Toby’s also offers a wide selection of handmade candles for sale, including traditional taper candles, sculpted beeswax candles, and even custom-made candles for special occasions. These candles make for unique and thoughtful gifts, and are a great way to bring a piece of San Diego’s rich cultural heritage into your home.

The shop itself is a charming and cozy space, with walls lined with shelves full of candles in every color and shape imaginable. The friendly staff are always on hand to answer questions and offer recommendations, and the overall atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and steeped in tradition.

Toby’s Candle & Soap Shop in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the art and tradition of candle making. The live demonstrations on Fridays starting at 11am provide a unique and interactive experience that is both educational and fun, and the wide selection of handmade candles for sale make for great souvenirs and gifts. So if you find yourself in San Diego, be sure to stop by Toby’s Candles and experience the magic of candle making for yourself!

Hours – Daily, 10am-7pm

Phone – (619) 297-5426

Address – 2645 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110