Fueling Hope: Old Town’s 2023 Food Drive in Action

The Old Town San Diego Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the return of our annual food drive, running through December 8, 2023.  Our aim is to bolster the local food pantry within the heart of Old Town Community Church. This year, we’re igniting the spirit of giving to light up the lives of families right here in our community.

In a world that’s always on the move, it’s easy to forget the ones who need our help the most. The Jacob & Cushman San Diego Food Bank has updated their statistics, revealing that out of San Diego County’s 3.3 million residents, over 1 million still grapple with nutrition insecurity. Shockingly, 284,500 of them are children. It’s a call to action, and we’re the answer! These San Diegans, our neighbors, are striving to provide three square and nutritious meals a day for themselves and their families, but the challenge is immense. Currently, 2 in 5 children are facing nutrition insecurity, and it’s our chance to change that.

The thrill of making a difference awaits you! Every contribution counts, and even the smallest gesture can turn the tide. Did you know that just one grocery bag of food can create up to 11 meals? Imagine the impact we can create together. Our mission is clear: let’s fill our food pantry with the goodness it deserves. The food pantry is yearning for nourishing canned and dry goods, and we’ve got some suggestions for you:

🥫 Canned vegetables

🍛 Dried beans

🍎 Fruit canned in its own juices

🍏 Applesauce

🥣 Canned soups

🍖 Beef stew

🐟 Canned tuna

🍗 Canned chicken

🥤 100% fruit juices

🍝 Pasta

🍚 Rice

🍅 Condiments like ketchup and salad dressing

🥜 Nuts

🥜 Peanut butter

🌾 Multigrain and low-sugar cereals

🍪 Granola bars

Excitement is building, and our donation bins will be popping up at various businesses across the community, including the Old Town Visitors Center at 4010 Twiggs Street. Join us on this journey, and let’s light up Old Town with generosity and love! The grand finale awaits on December 8, 2023, right after the annual “Las Posadas” event in Heritage County Park. Everyone’s invited, so bring your enthusiasm and your friends!

For more electrifying details, reach out to us at (619) 228-9340 or drop an email at [email protected]. Together, we’ll make 2023 a year to remember for our beloved Old Town community.