Free State Historic Park Events – August 2023

Free Walking Tours

Explore the State Historic Park with an expert during this hour-long guided tour. This family-friendly ½ mile tour will explore the community that shaped the town over a two-hundred-year period. Assisted listening devices will be available upon request. Tour spaces are limited; please sign-up at the Robinson-Rose Visitor Services Center to reserve your space the day of your visit.

Duration – Tours begin promptly at 11AM and last one hour

Address – Robinson-Rose Visitor Center, 4002 Wallace St

  • August 5th at 11AM & 1PM
  • August 17th at 11AM
  • August 18th at 11AM
  • August 24th at 11AM
  • August 25th at 11AM
  • August 26th at 11AM & 1PM 
  • August 31st at 11AM

Free Hidden History Talks

Join State Park Interpreters each week to experience untold stories of Old Town San Diego. These free talks highlight the underrepresented histories and voices of California’s diverse communities including African-American, indigenous, women, and LGBTQIA+ history. The Park’s Hidden History program seeks to tell a more complete history, relevant for all visitors today. Join us to discover San Diego’s hidden past.

Duration – Tours last 15 minutes

Address –2733 San Diego Ave

  • August 5th at 2PM
  • August 10th at 2PM
  • August 11th at 11AM & 2 PM
  • August 12th at 2PM
  • August 17th at 1PM
  • August 18th at 1PM
  • August 19th at 2PM
  • August 20th at 2PM
  • August 24th at 1PM
  • August 25th at 1PM
  • August 26th at 2PM
  • August 31st at 1PM