Barrio Donas’ Vibrant Murals: An Interview with Artist Itzel Islas

Barrio Donas, the popular bakery known for their delicious donuts, has become a staple in San Diego’s Old Town neighborhood. The bakery’s bright and playful atmosphere is not only reflected in their pastries but also in the stunning murals that adorn their walls. We had the pleasure of interviewing Itzel Islas, the talented graphic designer and illustrator behind the murals, to learn more about her inspiration and experience working with Barrio Donas.

Itzel Islas has been working with Barrio Donas since 2019, at their first location in Clairemont. The bakery reached out to her to bring her artistic vision to their new space, and she has been working with them ever since. Her love for Mexican culture, vibrant colors, and playful everyday elements are reflected in her work, making her a perfect fit for Barrio Donas’ aesthetic.

In addition to the Old Town mural, there is another mural in Barrio Donas’ National City location that is coming soon. Unfortunately, Islas’ mural in North Park was taken down due to new development, but she remains committed to bringing her art to new spaces.

When asked about her favorite thing about Old Town, Islas shared that she loves how different it feels from the rest of San Diego. The area’s rich history and unique atmosphere make it a truly special place.

Islas expressed her desire to collaborate with more like-minded people and companies, whether local or not. She is open to new opportunities to bring her unique style to different spaces and mediums. In addition to her murals, she also has an online shop called Yaylandia where she sells her illustrations and designs.

Islas’ work can be found on her Instagram @yayitzel, where she showcases her art and creative process. Her joyful and playful approach to design is evident in all her work and is sure to brighten up any space.

Address – 2548 Congress St, San Diego, CA 92110 (Inside Old Town Urban Market)