A Time to Remember: Old Town’s Community Ofrendas

Among the numerous festivities and altars that grace Old Town during Día de Los Muertos, two community ofrendas stand out, offering a unique and heartfelt invitation to all. These ofrendas, located in Plaza de Las Armas and El Campo Santo cemetery, are not just spectacles to behold but living tributes, enriched by the memories and mementos contributed by the public. Join us on a journey to discover these beautiful tributes to loved ones past.

Plaza de Las Armas Ofrenda: A Community’s Shared Legacy

Nestled in the heart of Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, the Plaza de Las Armas Ofrenda is a testament to the power of collective remembrance. Made possible by the State of California’s Arts in Parks program, it’s a masterpiece representing the shared spirit of Old Town San Diego. But what sets this ofrenda apart is the heartfelt invitation it extends to the public.

On October 28 and 29, the Plaza de Las Armas will come alive with vibrant marigolds, sugar skulls, candles, and cherished mementos. What’s truly unique is that visitors are encouraged to bring their own mementos, photographs, or tokens representing their departed loved ones. These contributions become an integral part of the ofrenda, weaving a tapestry of memories that transcends individual boundaries, creating a collective tribute that honors all who have passed. In this shared act of remembrance, we find solace, connection, and a profound sense of unity.

El Campo Santo Ofrenda: Bridging Generations Through Knowledge

Within the historic El Campo Santo cemetery, the second ofrenda offers a more intimate and educational experience. Sponsored by the Old Town San Diego Foundation, this ofrenda serves as a platform for remembrance and learning.

From October 28 to November 2, the El Campo Santo Ofrenda invites students and visitors alike to actively participate by adding names and mementos to the ofrenda. In doing so, it becomes not just an altar but a living classroom, offering an opportunity to engage with the traditions and customs of Día de Los Muertos on a personal level.

As this ofrenda is adorned with heartfelt contributions from the public, it serves as a lesson in legacy. It reminds us that the memories we create and the traditions we pass down are essential elements of our cultural heritage. By participating, we become not just witnesses but active participants in the preservation of our traditions and the celebration of our loved ones’ lives.

Día de Los Muertos is a time for making memories, celebrating life, and honoring those who have passed. In Old Town San Diego, the Plaza de Las Armas and El Campo Santo Ofrendas embody the very essence of this beautiful tradition by inviting the public to actively contribute and engage in the celebration.

Mark your calendars: the Plaza de Las Armas Ofrenda will grace us with its presence on Saturday, October 28, and Sunday, October 29, while the El Campo Santo Ofrenda will be a serene place of remembrance from Saturday, October 28, through Thursday, November 2. Take this opportunity to pay homage to your loved ones and become part of a living, breathing tribute that showcases the enduring strength of community, culture, and the bonds that connect us across generations. Join us in celebrating the timeless beauty of Día de Los Muertos in Old Town San Diego. 

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