The Diamond Source: A Lifetime of Expertise in Custom Jewelry Design

Marco Levy’s lifelong passion for diamonds began at the young age of 14 in Israel, where he developed an interest in cutting and repairing stones. His unique talent in the highly specialized business of turning rough stones into stunning, finished diamonds earned him an overseas reputation. This led him to move to the United States, where he honed his skills working alongside expert jewelers in New York City. Eventually, he relocated to the west coast and established The Diamond Source in Old Town San Diego.

The Diamond Source is dedicated to catering to a global clientele looking to match life’s most significant moments with one of Marco’s stones or custom designs. Marco’s expertise and dedication to educating his customers about the differences in value and brilliant beauty of the ideal cut diamond sets The Diamond Source apart. His expert eye can spot even the smallest differences in proportions, clarity, and other factors that determine whether a diamond will retain and gain value over the years.

One of the unique features of The Diamond Source is its commitment to putting every stone through a rigorous inspection to ensure that customers are getting the highest quality diamond. This dedication to quality and customer service has made The Diamond Source San Diego’s premier custom jeweler.

Custom design is a specialty of The Diamond Source. Marco and his staff will take your ideas, even if they’re just sketched on a piece of paper, and create a perfectly designed piece that fits your specifications and price. Throughout the customization process, customers will become familiar with the qualities of diamonds and how they are measured for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. The goal is to leave customers feeling like experts.

In a world where you can purchase stones online without ever seeing or holding them in person, Marco’s dedication to educating customers and providing unparalleled service at The Diamond Source sets it apart. From cleanings to settings, The Diamond Source does it all, and the bottom line is that they protect their customers better than any other jewelry outlet or website. As Marco puts it, “The designs just come to me when I look at the diamonds. I can see the finished jewelry.”


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