Drawing Winners! Taste of Old Town 2017

Opportunity Drawing Winners
Prizes need to be claimed by close of business October 13, 2017
Prizes can be claimed at the Old Town Chamber of Commerce/visitor’s Center located at 2415 San Diego Avenue, Ste 104. Prizes should be picked up between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Ticket Item
2882032 Rockin Baja T-Shirt
2244747 Rockin Baja T-Shirt
354407 Hand Crafted Pillow
2881849 2 Wooden Bowls
2245180 1 Wooden Bowl & Plate
2881904 Certificate Floral Design
2244528 Bag of Hand Made Soap
2882043 Old Town Trolley Tickets
2882091 Ornament – Dia de Los Muertos
2245439 Large Ornament
2245726 Box – Small Ornaments
2245821 Big Bag of Taffy
2881940 Tequila Factory & Mermaids Cove Certificates
2244585 OT Trolley, Coldstone, Whaley House & Jack & Guilio’s Certificates
2882000 OT Trolley, Whaley House, Fred’s, Coldstone Certificates
2881801 Tequila Factory, Miguels, Mermaids Cove Certificates
2245828 Tequila Factory, Mermaids, Fred’s Certificates
2882093 Rockin Baja, Café Coyote Certificates
2244570 OT Mexican Café, Rockin Baja, Whaley House Certificates
2244568 Guadalajara, Tequila Factory Certificates
2881859 Guadalajara, Tequila, Coldstone Certificates
2881751 Cafe Coyote, Rockin’ Baja, Whaley House, Coldstone Certificates
2245437 Four Handcrafted Bowls
2882023 Metal Wall Art
2881902 Salt Creek – Foursome Round of Golf
2245489 Sweat Shirt from La Paloma
224584 Sweat Shirt from La Paloma
2881757 Sweat Shirt from La Paloma
2245499 Sweat Shirt from La Paloma
2882111 Sweat Shirt from La Paloma
2244729 Bottle Herradura Tequila from Tequila Factory
2245392 One Amathyst Geode
2245625 One Amathyst Geode
2244744 GRAND Prize
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